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Welcome to the RETRO TEES Clothing Company


If you love vintage T-shirts and retro nostalgia then this is the place for you ... TV, films, toys, adverts, tuck-shop treats ... and everything else we loved and thought was cool from those simpler days gone by!

Shop here for your favourite memories on super-soft vintage styled tees, it’s all about having fun as you take yourself back to those days watching your favourite Saturday morning TV programmes, and the sweets we ate, the films we watched, the games we played ... all on a feel-good, sun-bleached soft-to-touch retro tee.

These aren’t mass produced T-shirts, they are very limited edition rarities ... they really give that authentic ‘discovered in a vintage clothing store’ look and feel. We really do think that each of our tees will fast become the favourite T-shirt you own!


It’s important to know that these are designed with a ‘no feel’ print on super-soft tees which are made 100% ethically. They are a slim fit, the print is often naturally faded in appearance, sometimes deliberately distressed but always designed to have that authentic retro appearance and feel.

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We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s your comments and suggestions, sharing your memories, or simply just to tell us how awesome we are!

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One of your conversations could well influence new designs... so we’d love you to join in!

Thanks .... and enjoy!

From all the Retro Tees team